Night thoughts…

January 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

It is after midnight and I am listening to a wonderful owl hoot me a lullaby. He is so loud and distinct.

The wildlife here is stunning. Raccoons sit and watch me through the bathroom window as I brush my teeth. Deer amble by the kitchen window as I wash dishes. They sleep on the property, and you can see their ears twitch as they wake up in the morning. The hawks are loud, and the frogs still try to sing through the cold.

At night the riding ring is lit, and the horses look beautiful as mist slides through the light.

I don’t think my words are relevant to anybody or to anything. But when I stop myself from posting this type of thing, it stops my voice entirely and not selectively. I am trying to listen to my needs and not try to squeeze my individuality, personality, uniqueness from who I am and what I post. So I give you this post.

I will share two oddities that make me happy. Right now, Mom and I taking night walks. I wear my nightgown and bedroom slippers, and just feel the freedom of being outside. It is so beautiful here, and the air is so fresh, fragrant with the sea and the cedar forest that it is a gift to breathe it. I have my window open as I sleep even through the frosts, because I love it so much. I pile the blankets so thick, that they are delightfully heavy and warm to sleep under.

The second oddity, is how I am making coffee right now. I have stopped doing the dishes, as a semi power tug with my Mother, but mostly because I was worn out. Mom didn’t really notice, but when she did, her solution was to buy paper plates and cups, which after use, become welcome kindling for the fire. It is actually working out well. Okay, back to coffee. I hand grind the beans, put them in a paper cup and pour boiling water over them. I strain it from one paper cup to another through a kitchen strainer, top up with hot water and voilá, coffee. I rinse the strainer, and there is nothing to wash or clean. So nice.

The owl is still going strong. It has been an hour or so. I should probably stop enjoying his concert and go to sleep.



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