…I get dumped on every morning.

July 13, 2012 § 4 Comments

Oh To Be Shat On In the Morning

Do I do what I do for love?
Or because this is the best I can do?

Softly, softly the mother creature stalks
To pick a Fight
To take Offense
To Reminisce

Oh, mother creature,
Why do you tell me the worst of life?
Keening hurt

Oh mother creature,
Find someone else to torture,
I get chest pains when you talk
I need fluffy bunnies and softness in my life
Do you think it is normal for someone to watch kitten videos on YouTube through tears?

Oh, mother creature,
I can’t handle discussing war atrocities,
the holocaust,
prisoners of war, or
new ideas about conspiracy theories

Oh, mother creature,
Don’t tell me stories about Bad Things that happened Forty years ago
to people you know that are now Dead.
Keep it to yourself

Oh, mother creature,
I don’t want to hear about the death zone in Everest, or
who died there Recently and
how people Walked by them and
how They looked when they died.

Oh, mother creature,
It is not even noon
Leave me alone
Let me be happy
I deserve more than this
You won’t take antidepressants,
You say you don’t need them, but that I obviously do
You ask what is wrong with me
You think I am strange, you say so often
You put me down, I am weird to you

Oh, mother creature,
Stop being so selfish.
I deserve a better life than this.


§ 4 Responses to …I get dumped on every morning.

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